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Developing Women Leaders in the Restaurant Community

Less than


of head chefs and

restaurant owners

are women

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To accelerate the development and advancement of women leaders in the hospitality industry.  

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Become the premier organization for placing and promoting women in restaurant leadership roles.

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Host speaker series, workshops and volunteer events to empower women to live up to their full potential.

Our Scope

Women's Hospitality Initiative has partnered with local and national organizations to build a pipeline of women leaders in hospitality at all levels through resources that: 

• Provide research-based education, networking and support systems for women in the industry 

  Provide programming which helps develop critical operational, business and leadership skills for women in the industry

  Foster growth, unity and sustained change through mentorship programs

Our Sponsors, Your Sponsors

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The 'glass ceiling'—a term introduced more than 40 years ago—refers to an invisible, systemic barrier that prevents women from rising to senior leadership. But contrary to popular belief, the glass ceiling is not the biggest obstacle to women's progression. It is actually at the first step up

to manager—or the 'broken rung'.”

 —Women in the Workplace: Lean In/McKinsey 2019 Study

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