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Join our growing community of men and women who are committed to the research, development and implementation of programs that help women grow and achieve leadership positions in hospitality.

Your tax-deductible gift provides the foundation of the Women in Hospitality Initiative. These funds will be appropriated to the research and development of programming needed to better educate our community on where and how women and hospitality are falling short.

Your tax-deductible gift provides the continual growth of the Women in Hospitality Initiative. These important funds will be appropriated to our communication, education and outreach efforts. These funds will help host seminars, educate women and spread our message to the greater community.

Join our force of women and  men committed to developing women leaders in hospitality. Your membership to WHI grants you access to a network of hospitality’s greatest leaders, who all share the commitment to bettering women in hospitality. Join us for quarterly events, social gatherings, panel discussions and more.

Give the gift of an annual membership to WHI to an emerging leader you have in mind, or sponsor a emerging leader anonymously. Your tax-deductible donation will go towards furthering another individual’s opportunity to grow and better serve our community.

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If you are a student or are employed and serving in your first year of hospitality related service and cannot afford an annual membership to WHI, please click here to apply for a one year member sponsorship through one of our generous community partners. 

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