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Recipe for Success

Our "secret sauce" for developing and advancing women leaders:


We believe that the sustained change we need begins in the classroom. That's why we've collaborated with the industry's most esteemed institutions, The University of Nevada Las Vegas and the Culinary Institute of America, to begin providing leadership courses solely focused on the development and advancement of  women entering the hospitality and culinary arena.


Thankfully, we are starting to uncover the where, when, whys and hows women have fallen behind but we still have a way to go. This initiative was built on the findings of a compilation of fact-based research conducted through interviews, publications and studied analytics. It is with this research that we have carefully crafted our educational courses to ensure we are hitting the target. 

Mentoring, Advocacy and Sponsorship

We believe that building relationships within the hospitality community both locally and nationally will provide a much needed support system for our emerging leaders. Our vision is for a robust community partnership that mentors, sponsors and advocates for success.

Culinary Celebrations

We believe in ​recognizing, showcasing and celebrating strong, powerful, women in the hospitality and culinary community who are making great waves. We do this through events, print and voice.

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