Ingredients for Success

A woman’s place is in the kitchen, and the back office, and the front of the house, and behind a desk, and on a plane, and picking the kids up from school, and in the kitchen again.


We are the heartbeat of our homes and our places of work. We are WHI


We are men and women who want a better culinary culture for all, and we are dedicated to the research, education, and support of women in food hospitality. We are committed to developing and implementing programs that help empower women to reach their full leadership potential, there by making all of our businesses and our community a better place to live.


The Facts:

The ingredients are simple:

  • Conduct research through partnership and collaboration

  • Provide fact-based educational curriculum to emerging women leaders in hospitality from the high school level, all the way into the workforce

  • Provide networking, mentorship, advocacy and community support 


We create culinary champions, who are happy both inside and out.  So tie one on and meet us in the kitchen!

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